Friday, May 31, 2013

Taste of a Poison Paradise

I have obsessed over Kayleigh Peddie's stuff for years now, it seems. This package was a lil fangirl-ish to open, not gonna lie. She picked THE MOST PURRRFECT pieces to send me, hands down. They fit like a glove, and make me feel like a badass. 

 The swimsuit is super durable and fully lined, and her seams are like heaven, they contort to your shape like magic! The mesh top is my favorite touch, and it's super stretchy and soft unlike most other mesh I have found to be. I paired the bikini with my Italian Leather skater skirt from BlackMilk Clothing and a new reflective inverted cross brace by my own line, Fox and Owl.

 This pot leaf top is hands down going to be my most worn piece this summer. Once again, so soft and stretchy, with perfect nip coverage!!! I am a top level Ganja Queen so it is BEYOND FUCKING PERFECT.

And now I leave you with some Toxic by the one and only Britney, bitch.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A swallow amongst ferns

You all gotta know by now how obsessed with CrossFox I am....and she just keeps blowing my mind! I recently received this Black Organic Bamboo Cotton Swallowtail Halter Dress, and I am fucking in LOVE. It has just the right amount of slit to look sexy but still cover all your bits. And we know how important that is!

 I think it's a dress that is perfect for layering, so I threw on one of my Evil Twin maxi capes (yes, those are fucking cross burned throughout, it's amazing) and a Tawny Owl Brace from my very own Fox and Owl with some Jeffrey Campbell Munster Platforms.
 These shorts are CrossFox as well, and quite literally one of the most comfortable pair of shorts I own now. They're the PERFECT length, and can be worn high-waisted or folded down. Super cute button detailing, too!! <3

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Cape Is Everything

I'm fucking obsessed with capes. They make me feel like some sort of modern day Stevie Nicks / Wonderwoman lovechild. I let my hair down and wear little else, cuz the best part of a cape is being able to shroud yourself in a blanket whenever the hell you please. I recently got a badass black cape from 10thTribe, and it can be worn with EVERYTHING.

 I'm totally diggin' this outfit I threw together, with my 10th tribe cape and Hips and Hair Brigitte Bardot crop. Both companies are run by some really rad people, and deserve your support! My belt is Fox and Owl, skirt is Black Milk Clothing.

 And just another way I wore my cape this week, with some leggings and an Evil Twin Bustier from my favorite online store, Black Salt.
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Commes Get

It's already hot as shit in Florida, and that means no more black, no more beanies, no more leggings....wait. I AIN'T FOOLIN' Y'ALL, you know better than that! I work the AC, and I wear whatever the fuck I want. 
 This week I got the sickest package from my homie Phil at TOUCHEKVLT, and I couldn't wait to style the tees and my Commes Get Des Dick beanie.

 Ladies, the tees are insanely soft and have some extra length so you can wear em with leggings and cover your bits, or tie em up into a sweet crop and wear with cutoffs. They're also only like $25....yes, please.
Here's an added bonus, had to throw on some Black Milk Clothing and rep my Fox and Owl Hystrix bag and new fully spiked brace ( shhhhh...I am so bad at sneaking the peeks! )

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bloody Skeletons

Not gonna lie, I got a little crazy (read: scary?) with these outfits. I found all my creepiest bone and blood pieces and threw 'em together. This is what fucking happened, and it is fucking awesome. 

 First, I did my bloodsplatter tights (soooo Dexter) from the infamous Black Milk Clothing, and paired it with all my newest Fox and Owl braces and a custom sweatshirt from Beloved Shirts. I have always wanted Patrick Bateman's face from American Psycho on SOMETHING, and when I found this company I went a little custom-sweatshirt-crazy. WORTH IT. (if you buy something from them, use my code FOXANDOWL10 for $10 off anything. Also fucking worth it). Shoes are the rad, spiked Hellraisers from UNIF, but you knew that already.

 This next outfit is one of my FAVES. I had no idea how fucking good it was gonna look (ok, I had SOME kind of idea) but it came out way better than I expected. Once again, the look is all from Fox and Owl, Black Milk, and Unif, with an incredible handmade Mala necklace with gold flake by Gage Huntley Designs. It was my first time styling this piece, and I centered the entire outfit around it. Their work is flawless, incredibly reasonably-priced, and just GORGEOUS. They have a huge selection of jewelry, check 'em out!
 Oh and just for good measure, some more bones:
This top is from my favorite online shop EVER, Black Salt, where I get all of my UNIF 
(ALL OF IT), and tons of other goodies. My friend owns the shop in Louisville, KY, and she ships world-fucking-wide. PEEP IT. 

My musical inspiration for the entire month of May basically is ALT-J. If you like this jam, the whole album is just as epic.