Friday, May 31, 2013

Taste of a Poison Paradise

I have obsessed over Kayleigh Peddie's stuff for years now, it seems. This package was a lil fangirl-ish to open, not gonna lie. She picked THE MOST PURRRFECT pieces to send me, hands down. They fit like a glove, and make me feel like a badass. 

 The swimsuit is super durable and fully lined, and her seams are like heaven, they contort to your shape like magic! The mesh top is my favorite touch, and it's super stretchy and soft unlike most other mesh I have found to be. I paired the bikini with my Italian Leather skater skirt from BlackMilk Clothing and a new reflective inverted cross brace by my own line, Fox and Owl.

 This pot leaf top is hands down going to be my most worn piece this summer. Once again, so soft and stretchy, with perfect nip coverage!!! I am a top level Ganja Queen so it is BEYOND FUCKING PERFECT.

And now I leave you with some Toxic by the one and only Britney, bitch.

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